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accuracy of wrist blood pressure monitorsOne of the chief complaints about older wrist-style home blood pressure monitors was a lack of accuracy. Modern units, however, have become far more accurate for home use, which means you can take monitor your blood pressure safely without missing any warning signs of hypertension.

Of course, there are many wrist monitor brands and models on the market today, so how do you choose? The best way to select the appropriate device for your family is to review several different brands, then compare their features against the features you most desire in a home unit.

1. Omron blood pressure monitors offer both accuracy and brand recognition

As one of the most popular and celebrated manufacturers of blood pressure monitors, Omron is the brand of choice for many consumers. Omron offers a wide range of devices for home use, so you’ll always be able to find a model that fits your specific needs.

The omron wrist blood pressure monitor is particularly intriguing for patients who are tired of the upper arm monitors. Wrist monitors have come a long way in the last few years, and how offer accuracy that rivals their upper-arm counterparts. You might be concerned about the accuracy of wrist blood pressure monitors, but Omron’s models are considered top of the line in terms of accurate readings.

  • Two-user mode so you and your significant other can use the same device
  • Longer warranty (5 years instead of 2 years) for better product confidence
  • More memory (200 readings instead of 60) for more accurate averaging and records

Additionally, accuracy improves with the higher-end blood pressure monitors, especially when it comes to the wrist models. It’s better to invest a little more in a better product than to have to replace a low-end product.

2. ReliOn blood pressure monitors provide options for budget-conscious consumers

If you want to save money without sacrificing too many features, a relion wrist blood pressure monitor might be a good starting choice. These monitors are not as sophisticated as some of the higher-end brands, but they come with many advanced features.

The and 300W monitors are both wrist models, but the 300W is the best choice for accuracy and simplicity. It features a positioning sensor that prevents you from taking your blood pressure in a position that might result in a skewed or inaccurate reading. This is particularly useful if you’ve never taken your blood pressure at home before.

Relion Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor like the 200WAlthough ReliOn doesn’t offer as many choices or features as other brands, both models come with irregular heartbeat detection and large displays. Just make sure to read the instructions carefully so your readings are as accurate as possible.

3. Homedics blood pressure monitors offer variety and advanced features

If you are looking for a variety of different features, you might want to consider a homedics wrist blood pressure monitor. Homedics offers a wide range of models, each with different features and qualities. For example, comes with HealthVault compatibility and a storage case for easy portability.

Homedics models are also ideal for consumers who enjoy working with different forms of technology. The premium Homedics wrist monitor can be synced with the manufacturer’s app as well as with your smart phone so you can always keep track of your readings and results.

In comparison to Omron, however, Homedics devices only store a maximum of 120 readings (versus 200 for the Omron 7 series). This might not be a problem if you export your records every week or two to your phone or computer, but keep this in mind as you shop.

4. The Wristech blood pressure monitor offers simplicity and low prices

If your interest in your blood pressure readings is merely for casual monitoring, the wristech blood pressure monitor might be an appropriate choice. It is a simple, inexpensive monitor with a slightly outdated user interface. It is not as accurate as the other models on this list, but it can be useful if you don’t suffer from a serious health condition that requires consistent accuracy.

It stores up to 99 of your past blood pressure readings and features an automatic shut-off function that saves power after one minute of disuse.

How should you choose a blood pressure monitor?

These are just some of the brands that offer wrist blood pressure monitors. Keep in mind that these devices aren’t always as accurate as upper-arm monitors, so it is best to invest in a quality device to avoid disappointment and inaccuracy.

Talk to your physician or other blood pressure concerns, then consider your personal lifestyle. If you like to travel, for example, you’ll want a wrist model that is lightweight and easy to store on long trips. If you share your device, you will want a model that allows two users to store readings on the device.

Source: diabeteswell.com
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