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LifeSource Digital Blood Pressure Monitors

If you are looking for a blood pressure monitor for home use, you might want to consider an upper-arm model from LifeSource. The upper arm cuffs are the traditional monitors that strap around your upper arm to take your blood pressure, while wrist models are smaller and fit around your wrist instead. is a prime example of the technology available from this manufacturer.

Choosing Features in Your LifeSource Blood Pressure Monitor

If you are looking for an upper-arm life source blood pressure monitor, you have several options. This manufacturer offers more than 10 models, each with its own unique set of features and benefits. If you want to enjoy the best accuracy when you take your readings at home, look for the higher-end models with better reliability.

For example, each lifesource blood pressure monitor offers a memory function to store past readings. The most basic model stores only 15 readings at a time, while the Quick Response monitor stores up to 280 readings. If you suffer from hypertension, advanced memory features are vital to sharing information with your physician and tracking your progress.

The LifeSource UA-767 offers average reading, which means that it averages all of the readings stored in the device’s memory so you can obtain a comprehensive understanding of your blood pressure condition over time. It also records your pulse so you’ll be alerted if your heart rate gets dangerously low or high.

Cuff Sizes in LifeSource Monitors

One of the advantages of LifeSource is the option to purchase models with different cuff sizes. Since your arm might be larger or smaller than another consumer’s, it is important to select a device that will fit your arm so you get consistently accurate readings.

lifesource ua-767

The best lifesource digital blood pressure monitor for you is one that fits comfortably on your upper arm (or wrist, if you prefer that option). For example, many models come with the option to order a small, medium, or large size cuff depending on the diameter of your arm.

Other models, such as the, come with LifeSource’s Easy-Fit cuff, which is designed to fit all arms between 9″ and 17″ in diameter, which is a sufficient range to suit most consumers. If your arm size changes over the life of the product, you won’t have to purchase a new cuff or device to suit your changing body dimensions.

Detecting Changes and Problems in Readings

Another important consideration when choosing a blood pressure monitor is the ability to detect problems or changes that could impact your health. The advanced LifeSource monitors come with several of these features to help alert you to issues that might require a visit to your doctor.

Irregular heartbeat detection, for example, is instrumental in two different ways. First, it alerts you to problems with cuff positioning and use; second, it tells you that you might have a heart issue that your physician should investigate. The first cause of an irregular heartbeat is the most likely scenario, as home blood pressure monitors require precise positioning for accurate readings.

Advanced monitors from LifeSource also come equipped with rating indicators. These tell you where your readings fall with regard to high, low, and health blood pressure. If you receive a, for example, the device will alert you to that fact. This can be instrumental in detecting early hypertension so you can receive treatment immediately.

Selecting the Best Blood Pressure Monitor

The best blood pressure machine is one that provides you with all the data you need to monitor your health. If you suffer from hypertension or hypotension already, this is particularly important because these conditions can lead to other health risks, such as heart disease and strokes.

You might decide to save a few bucks by purchasing a lower-end model, but if the device does not meet your needs, you will have to buy another model to replace the original. It is usually best to decide exactly which features you will need, then purchase a monitor that offers all of them up front.

About LifeSource

LifeSource monitors are manufactured by A&D Medical, one of the premier producers of medical equipment and other devices. In addition to the monitors described above, the company also makes thermometers, scales, and other medical tools for both home and office use, and their blood pressure monitors have earned several awards and achievements for accuracy, comfort, and reliability. For example, in 2007, the company was honored with the Excellence in Technology of the Year from consulting firm Frost & Sullivan.

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