Blood pressure monitor?

Blood pressure Monitors India

Sync data with Andriod application via Bluetooth.Supports Bluetooth 4.0.

View logged data in Web portal and Mobile application.

Utral-slim Design, its heigh is only 13.2MM. Easily fits into travel kit.

Measuring While Inflating (MWI) technology. Equipped with MEMS pressure sensors.Automatic flating.

Pressure: : ±3mmHg; Pulse : ±5% of reading

Requires Bluetooth 4.0 Smartphone/Tablet.Android 4.3 and above.

  1. Wrist sizes: About 13.5cm-21.5cm
  2. Unit dimension: Approx. 79.8 X 72.5 X 13.2mm
  3. Unit weight: 110 g
  4. Cosmetic: Cuff: grey soft cuff Housing: Plastic ABS material with injection color
  5. Housing: Plastic ABS material with injection color
  1. Why measure: Provide doctors with information for better diagnosis. See how you are responding to medication
  2. Is it accurate: Extremely Accurate, Blood Pressure Monitors must meet stringent specifications for accuracy. Pressure: :± 3 mm Hg (millimetres of Mercury), Pulse: :± 5% of display reading. These values meet or exceed the provisions of EC directive and other standrands.Please follow all instructions to make sure the measurments are accurate.
  3. Why BP value varies: Blood pressure varies through out the day. User's technique is very important for reliable measurement results. For accurate results follow manual.
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