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Walgreens Connect makes monitoring your health easy and rewarding. The app syncs with select Walgreens medical devices to track various health-related activities, like monitoring your blood pressure or blood glucose, so you can earn Balance Rewards points for staying on top of your health.

-Works only with Bluetooth-enabled "Well at Walgreens" compatible devices (sold at Walgreens)
-App easily syncs devices to your Balance Rewards account via Bluetooth
-Supported devices can be purchased at and most Walgreens stores

Note: To earn Balance Rewards points with the Wrist Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor, you will need to set the device to the current date

Walgreens Connect works on devices running iOS 7 or higher

Worthless App

by NatHealthNut72

This is the most worthless app I've ever encountered. It merely gives you Walgreens Balance Rewards loyalty points for connecting your health devices to Walgreens Connect app. Apparently all this does is track your purchases and possibly keep your health data in their database to use as they so desire. So skip this app or it will enable Walgreens to spy on your health statistics, while doing nothing to allow you to track your blood glucose level, blood pressure, etc.

This app is a scam

by DanEzell

When you buy buy a Bluetooth device that is supposed to work with your telephone, you would think that the blood pressure monitor would be something that you could track or it would at least send you an email telling you what your blood pressure is.
I'm very disappointed with this product and will probably be taking it back.

Don't waste your time

by 727Luvr

First, you have to create an account just to be able to use the app. Second, when you login, it won't let you save your password although you have "save password" turned on. Third, it connects for two seconds, disconnects, and doesn't show the readings. Crap.

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