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Visage Blood pressure Monitor

The TS1 upper arm blood pressure monitor from Lanaform is an easy, reliable and non-invasive way of measuring your heart rate and blood pressure.In a matter of seconds, you can check your heart rate so you can keep an eye on heart problems such as hypertension, hypotension and arrhythmia.

The TS1 upper arm blood pressure monitor has a memory function so you can store the last 60 readings and so monitor how your health is fluctuating.

It also shows the time and date of your readings and even has an alarm.

Plus it has an LCD screen and illuminated measurement indicator, so it’s much easier to read your results.

Specifications :

  • Completely automatic measurement on the arm
  • WHO indicator
  • Stores the last 60 readings.
  • Calculation of the average result
  • Displays the time and date.
  • For an arm circumference of 22 to 33 cm
  • Switches off automatically.
  • Battery control indicator
  • Error indicator
  • Alarm.

Technical specifications :

  • Storage temperature (°C/°F)
-20°C to 50 °C yes no yes no Blood pressure& heartbeats 22 to 33 2AAA 1, 5V yes Lcd Heart rate: 40 to 199 bpm
Blood pressure: 30 to 300mmHg
Blood pressure: +/- 3 mmHg
Heart rate: +/- 4%
Storage case oscillometric method 9, 8x9, 8x11, 5 3 yes 107 0, 275

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Blood Pressure Monitor
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