Auto B. P

The guys at Cedar BPD were really nice and provided great service. They even rotated my tires free of charge.

Vehicle: Honda Odyssey

"Friendly staff, reasonable prices, and, great service."

Great place for all your auto service needs.

Vehicle: Toyota Tundra

Category: Service

This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.

Vehicle: Mercury Villager

Vehicle: Buick LeSabre

Vehicle: Dodge Pickup

Vehicle: Nissan

Jennifer said she called this business to schedule an appointment on Friday and they quoted her a price of 175 dollars, however, when she brought her vehicle in for service they charged her 200 dollars. She doesn't understand why they would give her one price on the phone and a different price in person. She felt like she was being taking advantage of so she just paid her bill and left. She has not got the chance to speak to anyone about this she did however decide not to return back to this facility. She will not recommend this business for service for reasons already stated.

Vehicle: Saturn Ion 2

John said the price of his vehicle work came in as quoted to him, and the employees of this business are nice. He said he hopes all is going well for the management of this place.

Vehicle: Pontiac Bonneville

I am very pleased with the quality of service and courteous treatment I receive from this service station.

Vehicle: Toyota Sequoia

George said the business was professional and personable. He appreciated the way the business treated him and they made him feel comfortable.

Vehicle: Jeep Commander

Vehicle: Ford Pickup

Source: www.surecritic.com
★25 FDFD SC-AUTO / B+P 16 1719콤보
★25 FDFD SC-AUTO / B+P 16 1719콤보
B and P Auto Parts
B and P Auto Parts
PAA Racing p.b. Auto Bulla - Rotthalmünster 31.03.12
PAA Racing p.b. Auto Bulla - Rotthalmünster 31.03.12 ...
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