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Blood pressure wrist cuff reviews

Omron 7 series blood pressure wrist monitorIf you are tired of bulky upper arm blood pressure cuffs, you might be intrigued to learn that you can now purchase a blood pressure wrist cuff. This device performs the same function as the traditional variety, but straps to your wrist rather than your arm.

Detailed Omron Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Comparison Chart – 3 & 7 Series

Is one the Omron 7 series ultrasilent wrist blood pressure Monitor (BP652N or BP654) ideal for anyone who suffers from hypertension? High blood pressure carries serious health risks that could put your life in danger, so it is important to find a device that you will use on a regular basis.

Is the Device Accurate?

If you have read reviews of other blood pressure wrist cuffs, you might be asking, “are wrist blood pressure monitors accurate?” This is a fair question because many former products have been criticized for inaccurate readings, especially when compared to upper arm models.

Of course, the cuff is only accurate if you use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. For example, the readings only work if the cuff is held at the same level as your heart. Omrons heart zone guidance feature will help positioning the wrist at the same height for more accurate measurements. If you lift your arm or lower it, the readings will be wrong or the device will fail to produce a reading at all.

Additionally, you cannot eat, talk, or drink while you are taking a reading. In fact, you should avoid indulging in any food or beverage for ten minutes prior to a reading. This helpsinaccurate readings. Visual instructions can be found in the video when scrolling down this page.

Is this Omron Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor really ultrasilent?

Yes, both 7 series devices are ultrasilent. Next to that, this device is a compact, user-friendly blood pressure cuff that wraps around the wrist comfortably. It can be worn all the time or only when you wish to take a reading, which makes it a versatile choice regardless of your lifestyle and activity level.

If you choose to wear it all the time, the cuff will activate each time you raise your wrist to heart level. It has a built-in indicator to warn you of high blood pressure. It becomes a sophisticated early warning system that will allow you to seek treatment or medication when your blood pressure becomes dangerously high.

omron bp652 7 seriesThey come equipped with several settings and tools that allow you to monitor your health more closely. These include:

  • Memory: It stores 100 of your previous readings so you can keep track of your blood pressure levels over time.
  • Detection: In addition to measuring blood pressure, the Omron 7 series cuff also detects an irregular heartbeat.
  • Users: The 7 series has been upgraded to support use by 2 users, so your spouse doesn’t have to buy a second model.
  • Case: It also comes with a storage case for easy portability when not in use.
  • Batteries: For some Omron models, batteries are not included, fortunately they added them this time.
  • Bluetooth Smart Technology: Only the BP654 has this feature. By connecting with the Omron Wellness app, your readings can be viewed in a graph or list. It makes it also easy to share your results, for example with your doctor or family member.

These advancements have created a much more user-friendly product, even if you aren’t comfortable with technology. Many users feel that it is simpler than a regular blood pressure cuff, so you might find it more practical.

If you are looking for even a more compact option, you might also want to take a look into this new and extermely expensive gadget; a . This is even more discrete, and it replaces your regular wrist watch for additional convenience. This is probably something for the future, when the price is little more acceptable, because at the moment it costs more than a thousand dollars.

How do you use the Blood Pressure Cuff?

The simplicity of the device’s design makes it incredibly easy to use. Simply strap it to your wrist, then follow the instructions on the display. Keep your wrist elevated to heart level until the reading is taken.

Once the cuff has obtained a reading, it will show your systolic blood pressure at the top of the display and your diastolic at the base. Read both numbers carefully, then record them or save them to the device.

The buttons to activate and deactivate the cuff are clearly labeled as “start’ and “stop” on the right side of the display. The readings are shown in large, readable fonts, which is beneficial if you suffer from poor eye sight.

A clock is also displayed on the front of the cuff, along with a menu function that allows you to review past readings and other data.

Is a Wrist Cuff affordable?

If you have already purchased an upper arm blood pressure cuff, you might be reluctant to spend more money on an additional monitor. Fortunately, the wrist cuff is extremely affordable, and you don’t have to purchase an extra gear for it to work efficiently. The extra feature to connect the readings with an app increases the price quite a bit. So if you do not feel comfortable about this option, choose for the cheaper 7 series wrist device.

The Series 7 models take 2 AAA batteries, both of which are included when the device ships. Since it doesn’t use much power, you should get considerable life from each change of batteries.

Should I Invest in a Omron 7 Series Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor?

When you suffer from, regular readings are essential to monitor and treat your condition. If you want a discrete, portable, comfortable option, this device is the perfect selection. Over 6500 users left a 4 or 5 star review at amazon. That is an incredibly high amount of positive reviews and gives additional trust in the quality of this product.

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