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Microlife® Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Pulse arrhythmia detection*
* not for sale in the USA

PAD Wrist Technology - Flash animation

PAD Wrist Technology - General Information

The PAD Wrist technology (Pulse Arrhythmia detection) detects irregular heart beats during blood pressure measurement. If an irregular heart beat occurs during measurement, the PAD symbol is displayed.

As a rule this is not a cause for concerns; however, if the symbol appears more frequently (e.g. several times per week on measurements performed daily) or if it suddenly appears more often than usual, we recommend you inform your doctor.

The device does not replace a cardiac examination, but serves to detect pulse irregularities at an early stage.

The curve below shows an oscillogram taken by a Microlife blood pressure monitor with PAD technology. The arrows indicate arrhythmia

Difference between "PAD and "PAD wrist" technologies

"PAD technology" applies to Microlife upper arm monitors while "PAD-wrist technology" applies at wrist monitors.
Microlife "PAD technology" is the most comprehensive PAD technology application available today. The strong and unique signal quality on the upper arm, coming from one artery (brachial artery) allows a distinguished analysis of the pulse shape and frequency distribution, followed by a sophisticated differentiation between arrhythmias and artifacts.

"PAD-wrist technology" also provides a reliable and convenient arrhythmia detection, although the more scattered and weaker oscillogram from two different arteries at the wrist forces a compromise in signal analysis and slightly reduced PAD sensitivity (percentage of detected arrhythmias).

Source: www.microlife.com
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