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ReliOn Digital Blood Pressure Monitor 741crel

HEM-741CRELThe Relion and the omron 760n are both digital blood pressure monitors created for home use. If you suffer from hypertension, or if you are at risk for high blood pressure, you should have a cuff at home to monitor your readings. But which one is best for you?

The Perfect Cuff Size

One of the primary frustrations with purchasing a home blood pressure monitor is the need for a one-size-fits-all solution. The features a cuff that fits arm sizes of between 9″ and 17″ in circumference. ReliOn’s model, on the other hand, only fits arms up to 13″ in circumference.

Larger consumers should measure their arms before purchasing a monitor. If the cuff doesn’t fit, you won’t get accurate readings, and using a cuff that is too tight could also cause injury.

The Omron model also comes with the Comfit cuff, which is more comfortable and flexible than other blood pressure cuffs. It is less likely to cause bruising and swelling after use.

Number Storage: 60 vs 30

Many of the modern blood pressure monitors not only take and display readings, but also store them for future comparison. Both the ReliOn and Omron models offer this storage capability so you don’t have to record them with pen and paper.

The Omron model can store up to 60 numbers per user (max. 2 users), while the ReliOn model limits the storage capacity to 30 numbers (max. 2 users). In terms of convenience, the Omron model is definitely more practical.

Omron also provides averaging on the 7 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Wide-Range ComFit Cuff (BP760N). This means that the device displays an average of the last three readings each time you use it. Since accuracy is essential when monitoring blood pressure, this helps instill peace of mind in users.

What Is Intellisense?

The Omron 7 series BP 760N offers Intellisense technology, which improves the comfort aspect of monitoring your blood pressure. It detects the ideal inflation rate for your arm, then repeats the exact same rate for each subsequent reading.

If you have ever experienced discomfort while taking a blood pressure reading, this might help you take control of your health without fear of pinching or bruising. Since the ReliOn model is not equipped with omron intellisense, you might not have the same results.

irregular heartbeat indicatorConsumers who suffer from hypertension or heart defects will benefit from Intellisense even more than others. Since those problems can impact the way a blood pressure monitor takes readings, it is important to sustain a consistent inflation level for each reading.

A Readable Display?

Consumers with poor or failing eyesight will appreciate the large, clear display offered on the omron automatic blood pressure monitor. The systolic reading is given at the top, with the diastolic reading below it. Underneath the readings, you can view the time and date of the reading.

The relion blood pressure monitor also offers a clean display. It has slightly less contrast, however, so you might need better light in order to see it properly while you take your blood pressure.

What About a Hypertension Indicator?

Many modern blood pressure monitors incorporate a hypertension indicator to warn users of . While the numbers themselves will alert you to changes in your blood pressure, the alert ensures you catch increases in pressure immediately.

Irregular Heartbeat Indicator?

In addition to a hypertension indicator, these monitors also offer an irregular heartbeat alert system to tell users when their hearts are not beating consistently. If you suffer from an arrhythmia, for example, this could impact your blood pressure readings.

However, both models will still take your blood pressure. When you meet with your doctor, you can mention the irregular heartbeat and the corresponding reading to determine whether medical intervention is necessary.

Which One Has The Highest Accuracy?

As mentioned above, the Omron blood pressure monitors have received excellent reviews from both clinical professionals and consumers who use them in their homes. The accuracy is considered superb, which is reassuring because home blood pressure monitors are not always reliable.

When it comes to checking your blood pressure at home, it is essential to use a device that will provide accurate readings. One way to verify accuracy is to take your blood pressure before a visit to the doctor, then compare the readings.

Which Monitor is Best for You?

If you want to take accurate blood pressure readings at home, the Omron BP760N . It is small enough to be highly portable, but its Intellisense technology combined with its Comfit cuff make it a powerful and comfortable tool for tracking your health.

It is also more versatile than its competition because of its larger cuff size and its greater capacity for storing previous readings. Take your blood pressure at least twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening), then consult with your doctor about any hypertensive results.

Source: diabeteswell.com
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