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Digital BP Apparatus

Incepted in the year 1965 by Mr M.D.Bhate, we are engaged in manufacturing a wide range of blood pressure instruments under our registered brand name Diamond. We are the first to get ISI quality mark for Sphygmomanometers along with an approval from defense department, and State Government against rate contract. Our range includes Blood Pressure Instruments Mercurial, Dial & Digital type, NIBP monitor, Diamond Stethoscope, Manual & Electronic Tourniquet.

Being the largest manufacturer of Sphygmomanometers and having a network of more than 700 competent dealers has helped us to hold a major market share since last 3 decades. We commenced our export inquiries around 1980s. Our owner's experience of 40 years and our committed and dedicated professionals enables us in the production process. Backed by their industrious efforts we are able to garner complete client satisfaction.

  • Elegant look
  • Reliable and accurate measurement
  • Memory with real time clock and date
  • Fuzzy measurement for faster readings
  • Systolic / Diastolic B.P. & Pulse rate measurement
  • Clinically proven accuracy
  • Special cuff for comfortable use & more durability

Mercurial B.P. Apparatus with built in stethoscope

  • Proven and universally accepted method.
  • An arm cuff with built in stethoscope
  • Proper placement of stethoscope to give confirmed sound beats
  • Automatic, Constant speed deflation valve.
  • Whole system placed in a designer pouch
  • Simplest method for measuring one's own Systolic and Diastolic blood pressure.
  • Classic aesthetics
  • D ring cuff with inside bladder, bulb and tubing made out of natural rubber
  • Choice of metallic paint finish

Stethoscope with Double Chest Piece

  • Produced from high quality superb material
  • Stethoscope has a very sensitive chest-piece
  • It is provided with soft earpieces for user’s convenience
  • Covers an essential range of sounds
  • Very convenient to use, gives full satisfaction
  • It comes with extra diaphragm and a set of earpieces
  • This is a popular model, especially for medical professionals

SUPER DELUXE Mercurial B.P.Apparatus

  • Purity of mercury: 99.99% due to triple distillation
  • Level:0 to 300 mm of Hg scale
  • Elegant finish
  • Scratch proof paint finish
  • Fine numbering
  • Scale with Durable, Background contrast paint for clear visibility
  • Permanent graduation marking on the glass tube
  • Special control valve for perfect pressure drop
  • Best quality cuff with inside bladder, bulb and tubing made out of rich latex


  • Digital Pressure Readout on LCD column and Numerical display
  • LCD column can be kept in any slanting position as per convenience
  • Facility to make back light of LCD automatically ON while taking measurement
  • Provision for marking the pressure value when Systolic & Diastolic is diagnosed by you
  • Pulse rate display at the end of measurement

B.P. Apparatus @ Field Calibration Feature

  • Facility to self-calibrate Dial Gauge on field
  • Casing is of a high profile Al-Zn alloy produced by Pressure Die Casting
  • Bellows are of proven material for long lasting and better repeatability
  • Sector mechanism is specially designed for maximum repeat accuracy
  • Soft carrying case for ease in handling

  • Metal parts are treated with Nickel and Chromium plating to prevent corrosion
  • All plastic and rubber parts are of first grade virgin material
  • Crystal clear cover glass for best visibility
  • Best quality painting is adapted to whole body of the instrument
  • Special cuff is provided for getting excellent grip
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