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lifesource blood pressure monitorIf you are shopping for a blood pressure monitor for home use, learning as much as you can about brands and models will protect your investment in your health. Start by evaluating different brands as a whole, then delve into their various models for more specific details.
Compare the following 5 blood pressure monitor brands to determine which will work best for your family.

1. LifeSource Blood Pressure Monitor

There are several options to consider when choosing a lifesource blood pressure monitor. The company offers 8 different models, each with its own set of unique features and applications. For example, the is designed specifically for people with extra large arms for whom standard cuff sizes do not work.

They also offer a travel-size wrist blood pressure monitor for easy portability. If you travel frequently for your job or take your family on vacations every summer, this might be a handy tool to store next to your suitcase. It retains 90 readings in its memory so you don’t have to worry about losing records before you return home.

LifeSource offers an extremely budget-friendly model in the UA-631V, which has been endorsed by the Canadian Hypertension Society for accuracy and affordability. However, you might want more features in your blood pressure monitor, so consider a higher-end model that allow you to keep better track of your health.

Each of the LifeSource models comes with a large, clear display that flashes your systolic and diastolic readings clearly., try the LifeSource UA-787EJ model, which can be programmed to sound an alarm reminding you to check your blood pressure and stores up to 280 readings in its memory system.

2. Rite Aid Blood Pressure Monitor

In the category of bargain devices, the rite aid blood pressure monitor is designed for budget-conscious consumers who don’t want any of the bells and whistles. These devices are typically smaller than the higher-end brands, and sometimes experience difficulties with accuracy.

If you decide to go with a cheaper blood pressure monitor, take it with you to your next doctor’s visit. Take a reading with your home monitor, then compare it to the readings your physician obtains from his or her sphygmomanometer. This will help you interpret readings more reliable at home.

Some of the Rite Aid models come with features like averaging, irregular heartbeat detection, and hypertension alerts. If you aren’t sure which features are most important to you, evaluate monitors from several different brands so you know what options exist.

3. Lumiscope Blood Pressure Monitor

Another option for home blood pressure monitoring is the lumiscope blood pressure monitor. Lumiscope offers both upper-arm and wrist models so you can decide which best fits your lifestyle and your need for accuracy. Their is particularly impressive. It stores up to 396 readings and offers five different types of averaging.

It also allows you to share your monitor with two other users, which is helpful if you live with a spouse or aging parent. The wrist model offers a comparable set of features. They also have another upper-arm model with fewer features, allowing you to save only 120 readings (60 each for two users) and one averaging function.

4. Samsung Blood Pressure Monitor

When it comes to brand recognition, is a clear favorite. The company is responsible for manufacturing electronic devices in numerous categories, and they have several models of blood pressure monitors under their Healthy Living umbrella. Each monitor features varying levels of memory storage as well as one-touch operation and convenient back-lit displays.

The display on the samsung blood pressure monitor can sometimes be too large or confusing, but the accuracy is considered commensurate with other monitors in this price range. However, you might want to consider a different brand if you want advanced features and accuracy.

5. Beurer Blood Pressure Monitor

If you are looking for an ergonomic device, might be the perfect option for you. The company has produced several different monitors with easy-grip displays and other functions that make taking your blood pressure readings safer and more comfortable.

Arrhythmia detection, blue-lit LCD displays, extra-large cuff options, and multiple forms of averaging are just a few of the other features you might enjoy from a Beurer model. Some, such as the BM 49 model, also offer talking functions for easier monitoring.

The large displays on the Beurer models make them ideal for elderly consumers and people with vision complications. You won’t have to use a magnifying glass to read your numbers or scroll through the device’s memory, which makes it much more accurate for home use.

Each of these manufacturers offers a unique array of models and features. When evaluating blood pressure monitors, look for the features that you most desire in a device, such as automatic averaging or intelligent inflation. If you aren’t sure what you need, discuss it with your physician during your next visit.

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