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Omron M3 Blood pressure Monitor Review

Omron may not be a household name, but I used their products and formed a good opinion of them during my working life (as an electronics engineer).
The M3 lives up to expectations. The instructions are clear and it is simple to use.
The icing on the cake for me was that it got the nod of approval when I took it into the GP's surgery this morning. The nurse was happy that its readings matched those of her own machine and was especially interested in the readings taken at home and stored in the M3's memory. They gave her a much truer picture than one or two readings taken straight after hurrying to the appointment!

I have been using this since 2009 when i purchased it and it has always given consistent and accurate results. Very useful as you can take it at leisure and avoid the "White coat BP reading phenomenon". Very good products from a reputed Japanese manufacturer (the product itself is made in china). Omron is well known for medical diagnostic products. Memory strorage for the lst 60 readings is an excellent feature. Am buying a second piece for my relatives.

Had this a number of months now. Same one my doctor uses. Had no problems. I use it to monitor my blood pressure as high blood pressure is very common in my family. Doesn't take long and results are accurate. I like the idea of the machine letting me know if the arm cuff is on correctly. Good piece of kit

This is simple to use straight out of the box. The unit is solid and stable with rubber feet and appears well made. The arm cuff has pictorial fitting instructions which make for confidence in the resulting reading. The screen is clear and easily read, with an indicator to show whether the cuff is properly fitted. The unit is quieter in use than my previous wrist BP monitor, and also appears less prone to spurious readings due to slight misalignment of the cuff. I think it was a good buy.

The readings from this were some 10 points lower than 2 other machines that were reading similar results, which indicated that this was not reading accurately. 5 STARS to Amazon who were very good about issuing a refund on this item and I am sure this was a rogue case as Omron is the make of choice and GP uses them.

Numbers are easy to read, inflates quickly and with no fuss. The cuff will fit most arm sizes and this is a handy machine that will help with monitoring any existing medical conditions. Many GPs use the same model, so it is accurate and reliable.

Same as the one used by my GP!
Cuff very easy to apply one-handed and seems to work well. No complaints.

I previously had an M4-1 BPM which I replaced with an M7 with Comfort Cuff. I have really struggled with the comfort cuff - always getting error messages and machine gave vastly different readings within minutes. Just purchased the M3 model, and would highly recommend. For a start, it shows if you have the cuff on correctly! It stores readings, dates and times etc. Simple to use and it's bliss to use a 'normal' cuff again. I really hated the so-called 'comfort' pre-formed one. Very good price.

I had purchased this monitor as I was taking tablets for high blood pressure but was having spells of feeling light-headed. Any time my blood pressure was taken by a professional it was normal but I wondered if this was white coat syndrome. Used it for a few weeks and it did indicate that my blood pressure was low at times. Visited my GP and, on the basis of the results, he reduced my medication even though my blood pressure appeared high when he checked it. This monitor was easy to use and not too expensive. Would recommend it to anyone who is having blood pressure or irregular heart rate issues, especially if you suffer from 'white coat syndrome'.

Source: www.amazon.co.uk
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