Medisana Wrist blood pressure

Medisana Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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Medisana MediTouch2 Blood Glucose Test StripsNothing is more important to people than their health. This fact has motivated the Medisana company for more that 30 years to become a leading health specialist. Medisana works in the home therapy market en is constantly developing, producing and selling health products. Medisana wants to help people monitor their health, treat themselves professionally and make independent beauty care possible.

Medisana is an international player in the field of health care with their active, highly experienced team. Creativity, motivation, enthousiasm for new technology and great team spirit come naturally at Medisana.


Do you have muscle pains or are you cold a lot? Massage yourself and warm up with the innovative products by Medisana!
You can count on Medisana to help you relax. The brand has a wide range, such as massage pillows, massage mats, massage chairs and devices. But it also offers bubble bath mats, foot baths, heat pillows, heat blankets and foot warmers.

Measuring Instruments

Medisana knows that besides relaxing, it is important to keep track of your health. By observing how your body is doing you find out what it needs and what you can do for it. That is why Medisana has developped an array of products to assist you, ranging from glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, weighing scales, thermometers and air humidifiers.

Medisana LCS Electric Lice Comb Medisana BW310 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
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