Omron HEM-6121 Automatic Wrist

Omron Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron Healthcare, Inc., is the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of blood pressure monitors for home use. Omron's clinically proven accurate digital blood pressure monitors are the #1 brand of blood pressure monitors recommended by pharmacists in the U.S. Omron digital blood pressure monitors use the oscillometric method of blood pressure measurement. This means the monitor detects your blood’s movement through your brachial artery and converts the movements into a digital reading. An oscillometric monitor does not need a stethoscope so the monitor is simple to use.

Clinical research has proven a direct relationship between blood pressure in the wrist and blood pressure in the arm. Changes in wrist blood pressure reflect changes in arm blood pressure because the arteries in the wrist and the arm are close to each other. Frequently measuring the blood pressure in your wrist will provide your physician with an accurate indication of changes in your blood pressure.


  • Omron BP652 model replaces the HEM-650 model
  • 2 User Mode: Monitor and track two users at the same time.
  • Automatic operation monitors the heart rate and inflates the blood pressure cuff to the ideal inflation level with the push of a button and then gradually deflates until a complete reading is determined and displayed on the large LCD screen.
  • Clinical research has proven a direct relationship between blood pressure in the wrist and in the arm.
  • Provides more convenient and consistent results than manual blood pressure units.
  • Blood pressure monitor designed to detect Hypertension.
  • Wrist Cuff is pre-formed for a quick and proper fit for wrist sizes of 5.25" to 8.5".
  • IntelliSense® technology helps ensure accurate and comfortable readings.
  • Advanced Positioning Sensor and Position Sensor Alarm guide you to the correct position for the monitor to take a blood pressure reading.
  • Detects Irregular Heartbeat.
  • Simple, Silent, 1-Touch Automatic Operation.
  • Independently Validated for Accuracy by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instruments and the European Society of Hypertension.
  • Advanced Averaging takes individual readings and automatically displays the average of the last 3 readings taken within 10 minutes of each other.
  • Dual User Storage Capacity - 200 Total Memory readings with Date and Time Stamp. 100 readings per user.
  • Batteries and carrying/storage case included.
  • Pressure Accuracy: 3mmHg or 2% of reading.
  • Pulse Accuracy: 5% of reading.
  • Main Unit Dimensions: 2.75"l x 2.75"w x .78"h.
  • Power Source: 2 "AAA" batteries.
  • Battery Life: 300 uses.
  • Main Unit Weight: 4 ounces.
  • Warranty: 5 years.
  • Note: Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Canada are not available. Please do not order this product from these locations.

Digital Display and Product Features

Systolic Blood Pressure - display of the blood pressure when the heart contracts during a beat.

Diastolic Blood Pressure - display of the blood pressure when the heart relaxes between beats.

Pulse Display - displays the number of beats per minute of the heart.

Position Sensor Alarm Symbol - indicates the Position Sensor Alarm is activated. The alarm emits a sound to help you place your wrist in the right position relative to your heart.

Irregular Heartbeat Symbol - if the monitor detects an irregular heartbeat rhythm two or more times during the measurement, the Irregular Heartbeat Symbol will appear.

Right Wrist Measurement Symbol - the monitor can take measurements with the left or right wrists and is set to the left wrist by default. This symbol indicates the monitor is set to take measurements on the right wrist.

Heartbeat Symbol - flashes on display during measurement at every heartbeat. If displayed with your measurement values, then a Hypertension condition is present.

Average Value Symbol - most recent reading displayed when you press the memory button.

Memory Symbol - displays when Memory Function is selected.

Deflation Symbol - displays during the cuff deflation period.

Low Battery Indicator - indicates when it is time to replace the batteries.

Date, Time Display - once the unit is programmed with current date and time, the information is displayed.

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