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Wrist Blood Pressure monitors Consumer Reports

Summary: Has an irregular heartbeat detector. Has a BP risk category indicator. Allows multiple users to store readings separately. Includes two cuff sizes or a one-size-fits-most cuff. Indicates when the user's wrist is at heart level. Data averaging function. Very Good for comfort. Directions for how to use on cuff.

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Type: Wrist monitors

The Well at Walgreens Deluxe WGNBPW-720 is part of the blood pressure monitor test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, blood pressure monitor models like the Deluxe WGNBPW-720 are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Accuracy:Accuracy is based on how the model's readings compared with those taken on a mercury sphygmomanometer used by two trained testers.
Convenience:Convenience is based on pluses and minuses of the model's features (such as irregular heartbeat detection, a blood-pressure risk category indicator, and multiple user memories).
Comfort:Comfort is based on opinion scores given by test subjects.

User Reviews - Well at Walgreens Deluxe WGNBPW-720

By Jimi d

from Kent-Covington, WA


My wife and I have used the product for months. We are happy with it. We have regularly scheduled medical checkups. The readings have been consistent with those at the doctors' office. It's very easy to use and read. Operating instructions are clearly written on the device, including graphic display. Device displays an error signal when improperly operated. Repositioning the arm during use can result in an error signal.

How long have you owned it:

More than six months

Bottom Line

By Bob R

from Georgetown, TX


I thought their Deluxe would give me great results, but not even close. Would you believe 170 over 90, but doctor's office always says its in the 120/80 range. Sometimes, if I use it 4 times in a row, it will vary from 150 to 120 to 160 to 140. I really don't know what to expect.

Source: www.consumerreports.org
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